Tell me about it

The Founder

Thomas Dugan Wilson began his career after graduating from Southern Methodist University with a BFA in painting and sculpture. He returned to Louisville to accept a teaching position in metalwork and jewelry at the Louisville School of Art in Anchorage, KY. 

The first Wilson Cup was designed for a friend to be presented at a 1978 Steeplechase event; the cup itself hammered into shape, and the Hardscuffle logo hand carved in wax and made permanent in a mold.

The Craft

Whether it's a jigger, tippler, or julep cup... or a custom casting for a money clip, necklace, ring or accessory, all pieces are custom crafted as an individual piece of art.

Each piece is hand crafted from scratch so no two pieces are ever the same. With time, expertise, and an artist's eye, raw materials are transformed into elegant works of art. 

It is a labor of love and we are proud of every sculpted artwork that passes through our doors into your home. 

The Order

If you want your very own unique Wilson Artworks cup or other piece, we will personally walk you through the ordering process. 

We work with businesses to create logo'd corporate gifts, and with individuals who wish to own their very special Wilson Julep Cup.

It's as simple as sending us your request and we will call you directly to talk through ideas and have your vision come to life.