The History

In 1978, Thomas Wilson designed his first cup for the Steeplechase event at Hardscuffle Farm, with the Hardscuffle logo on the front of the cup. He later patented his design of this fluted cup, which was made of copper and then silver-plated. 

It is called The Wilson Cup.

Thomas Wilson was an artist. He made his famous Wilson Cup, jiggers, and other pieces of art, jewelry and gifts made of metal.

At first, he hand-hammered each cup, spending hours getting it just right. Eventually, he developed a machine to shape the cups perfectly, called a spinning mandril. 

He created the molds of all the different figures that can go on the front of the cups, known as a sculptured casting. There are over 100 different figures.

Sadly, Thomas Wilson passed away  in 2009.

Thomas’s wife Sally now carries on the legacy of Wilson Artworks. Sally runs the business operations with her team of exceptional artists and vendor partners. 

Wilson Artworks  work in cool industrial space in Louisville, conveniently near the distilleries.

These cups are made with meticulous attention to detail and lots and lots of love. They aren't just cups, they are beautiful unique works of art.