How it's Crafted

Cups start out looking like a piece of copper pipe. Then, a bottom is placed on it and it is formed into a fluted cup on a machine. A figure is placed on the cup and then it is sent to be silver-plated.

A jigger cup in its raw copper form.

This is the machine used to form the cups into a fluted cup. This is called a spinning mandril. 

 These fluted cups are in the second phase. They need to be polished and a   figure placed on them.  

The mark if the artist. They still sign them with Thomas Wilson’s name with a triangle indicating that the work was posthumously done.

Finished Cups.

Wilson Cups are available in three sizes:

Wilson Julep Cup (10oz) – $250
Wilson Tippler Cup (7oz) – $225
Wilson Jigger (2oz) – $150

Media: A snippet from the Brew Dogs TV Show

James and Martin from Brew Dogs track down the silver cup from Wilson Artworks and the mint leaves from Dohn & Dohn Gardens for their mint julep beer.